Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fancy Moulds

For five years, we have been taking moulds for Isobel's Hearing Aid. This is the latex part that gets inserted into her ear so the sound is directed straight into her ear. Her moulds have always been pinky clear in colour, we had no idea there was anything different.

This all changed today, at Isobel's last hearing test, it was noted that her hearing had deteriorated a little and the Resound Aid wasn't working as well as it could be. It was therefore decided, that she should get a new HA and while we were at it new moulds. Being used to having the imprints done, she sat patiently while the moulding agent was pumped into her ear and set. Then the fun began, She was then handed a book and asked, "What colour mould would you like?" It was then the world of coloured, glittered, animal patterned moulds was opened up to us. The choice was unbelievable! After what felt like ages to the rest of us, Isobel decided on two different styles.

Today, we were back at Dorchester Audiology to collect her new HA and more importantly her new moulds. As you can see she has chosen some colourful ones.

Her new HA is a Phonak Nathos S+. It is a more powerful HA with something called SoundRecover technology.  SoundRecover is a technology that gradually applies some shifting and lowering to just the highest frequencies in order to move them to a space where those sounds may be more audible. Simply put, it will make her hearing better. So looking great and hearing great!!!!!

Since being back in the UK, we have become members of the Dorset Deaf Children's Society. They have provided Isobel some great opportunites for us all to meet with other families with deaf/hard of hearing children. We have been fortunate enough to go on day trips and gatherings completely free of charge. It has been brilliant for Isobel to connect with other children 'like her'.

Last weekend, Isobel and Daddy went away for the weekend to PGL at Osmington Bay with the DDCS and had a fabulous time:

Daddy and I went to PGL for the weekend, I had a wonderful time. I loved the activities, which were climbing, archery, zip wire, Jacob's ladder and the giant swing. We had lots of nice food and made friends with Lexi and Nathan. Lexi and I played together a lot and we did all of our activities together. Lexi was deaf too. My favourite thing to do was the giant swing and archery. I can't believe I scored gold on my first time at achery. By Isobel

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